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The Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel

The history of the building dates back to the early 1800’s, however it is difficult to find any information prior to 1827. In 1827 a fire destroyed the town. The fire was started by a young boy shooting at crows on a barn roof made of thatch. The wad from the shot ignited the roof, the fire spread quickly due to all the structures being made of wood and thatch. The only building left standing was the hotel. The building and land were left unoccupied for some length of time before it was purchased by Percival & Malinda Strauss. Percival demolished the building and rebuilt, by himself the “Strauss House”. Except for a large over hang on the front of the building, and a small lookout room on the roof that was used as an Indian watchtower, the building looks much as it did then.

Since that time the Hotel has seen several owners and name changes but has always operated as a tavern / hotel.

The Fredericksburg Hotel was purchased in March, 2007 by Mike Saphore, and renamed the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel, in honor of Joyce & Whitey Saphore proprietors of The Eagle Hotel (now known as Gubba’s) from 1973 – 1991. In the last few years many changes have been made to the building. A deck has been added and the former horseshoe shaped bar has changed and tables have been added to the bar room.

We guarantee everyone will find something to enjoy on our menu. The atmosphere is casual, fun and family friendly. Our dining area is set up to accommodate small or large groups where you can cheer for your team on one of the nine flat screens. Stop in and check us out!!

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